Kathleen on the set of Season

Anonymous inquired Hi your work is phenomenal, I was wondering where your models are from, I always use close friends but I want to be more professional. - sorry if this is a stupid question :/

Hey, thank you! Most of the work on my website is of my friends, but I’ve done a few test shoots for girls from vivien’s. If you’re in Brisbane, contact them, they are lovely and lots of their development girls need photos. Most agencies are pretty keen on getting their new faces photographed so just ask!

took some photos on set of the film Season.

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analogue: abandoned suburbia and endless pink flowers

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analogue: house walks, pavement love hearts and an architecture exhibition with my favourite blonde duo. 

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Today Yaseera and I explored an abandoned timber factory. I made her sit on the dirty ground so she wrote messages about me in the dust. More coming soon.

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iphone diary: did some exploring with darling savannahvanderniet

recent work for The Australian Academy of Cinemagraphic Makeup

m: frances berry
hmua: remie plehan